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realisation pieces of furniture as individual prototypes, lighting  solutions, partial forms for two-wheelers, mold making and developing technologies for motorcycle combinations
material wood (sheet material, western red cedar, beech, ash, birch and others) aluminium sheet, aluminium casting, plexiglas, epoxy resin, paper, metal, carbon, kevlar and armid constructions
possibilities interior design, transportation design, lighting concepts, exhibition design, presentational elements, technologies, analysis in terms of practicability
philosophy in my point of view design and creating shapes are interdisciplinary – graphics, art or architecture are included just as much as application–specific and economic considerations. the term »object« embraces »sculpture« and »design shape« – in my opinion there are almost no strict boundaries between those fields anymore. usability, exclusivity and aesthetics are playing with high quality materials. historical references and contemporary quotations are part of my work.